To work as a research assistant in the lab, you must have taken either LGCS 11: Introduction to Cognitive Science OR PSYC 162: Memory and Language with Professor Burke.

Working in the lab requires a commitment of 6-10 hours per week. You will become an integral part of the lab and develop a host of important research skills.

Students working in the lab often present posters at conferences and go on to complete a senior thesis on a related topic under Professor Burke’s supervision. If this interests you, please contact Professor Burke.



We are eager to recruit new participants to our research panel. To participate in our research you must be age 63 or older and a native English speaker.

As part of our panel, we would contact you 1-2 times a year to inquire if you are interested in coming to the lab at Pomona College to participate in a study. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Sessions usually take about an hour and are compensated at a rate of $15/hour.


Our studies involve simple tasks involving memory and language, for example, naming pictures, making simple judgments about words, remembering words or telling stories. Our participants tell us that they enjoy our tasks. If you are interested, please contact our lab manager, Heidi MacPherson, (909) 607-2578 or heidi.macpherson@pomona.edu.


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